Allentown Water, Fire, Smoke & Mold Damage Restoration

Welcome to ASRWWA Restorations, your go-to experts for water, fire, smoke damage restoration, and mold remediation in Allentown, PA. When disaster strikes your property, selecting the right restoration firm is essential for successful recovery.

Having been in the field for many years, our competent team is committed to offering timely and top-tier services to bring your property back to its original state. Listed below are 5 primary reasons to pick ASRWWA Restorations.

  • Mastery in Diverse Services: Whether it's water damage, fire and smoke harm, or mold challenges, our specialized groups ensure excellence and speed in every task.
  • Long-standing Experience: With a history that extends over multiple years in Allentown, we infuse every restoration job with unparalleled skill and local insight.
  • Advanced Techniques: We use the most recent restoration tools and strategies, often surpassing the hopes of our clients in restoring their properties.
  • Client-Focused Strategy: You come first for us. From the start to finish, we emphasize your contentment, crafting solutions fit for your unique challenges.
  • Open Dialogue: We value keeping you in the loop, offering prompt updates and clear costings to foster trust and avoid unexpected shocks.
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Our services in Allentown, PA

Listed below are the services we offer in Allentown, Pennsylvania and surrounding areas.

Water Damage Restoration

Water damage restoration is the art and science of returning properties to their former glory after water intrusion events. It encompasses water extraction, drying, cleaning, and full material restoration, ensuring your premises remain clean, dry, and mold-free.

How it works

Fire Damage Restoration

Fire damage restoration is the dedicated process of salvaging and restoring properties post-fire incidents. From soot cleanup to structural repairs, experts breathe life back into damaged areas, ensuring safety and aesthetics. It's your pathway from charred remains to renewed spaces.

How it works

Smoke Damage Restoration

Smoke damage restoration is the specialized process of purifying and reviving properties affected by smoke after fires or other incidents. Through soot removal, odor neutralization, and material cleansing, professionals ensure your space is fresh and free from smoky remnants. It's the bridge from hazy aftermath to crystal-clear environments.

How it works

Mold Remediation

Mold remediation is the expert-driven process of detecting, removing, and preventing mold growth within properties. By addressing moisture sources and employing specialized cleaning techniques, professionals ensure your space is mold-free and safe. It's your defense against unseen invaders, guaranteeing a healthy environment.

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Neighborhoods we serve in Allentown, Pennsylvania

Listed below are all the neighborhoods we serve in Allentown (PA).

Center City

  • 7th Street
  • Downtown
  • Arts District
  • Jordan Creek (North of Tilghman)
  • Old Allentown Historic District
  • Jordan Heights/Old Fairgrounds

East Side

  • Dutch Hill
  • East Allentown
  • Midway Manor
  • Overlook Park
  • Rittersville

South Side

  • Alton Park
  • Cumberland Gardens
  • Lehigh Parkway
  • Mountainville

The Wards

  • 1st Ward
  • 6th Ward
  • The Waterfront

West End

  • Hamilton Park
  • Trexler Park
  • West End Theatre District
  • West Park Historic District
  • West Walnut/Union Terrace

Things to do in Allentown, PA

Coca Cola Park

Coca-Cola Park

Coca-Cola Park in Allentown, PA, is a minor league baseball stadium home to the Lehigh Valley IronPigs.

America On Wheels Museum

America On Wheels Museum

The America On Wheels Museum is a transportation museum in Allentown, PA, showcasing the history of over-the-road transportation.

Allentown Art Museum

Allentown Art Museum

The Allentown Art Museum is a cultural institution in Pennsylvania, displaying diverse art collections and exhibitions.

Location Allentown, PA

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ASRWWA locations near Allentown

Below are additional ASRWWA Restorations locations near Allentown.