Privacy Policy

Who we are

We are ASRWWA Restorations, our website address is:

Information collected automatically

Our system, either directly or through third-party analytics tools, collects data to analyze traffic and usage patterns on our websites. This data includes information provided by your browser or mobile device, such as the pages you visit, and other relevant data that aids in improving our websites and services. This analytics information is aggregated, ensuring it cannot be easily used to identify individual users. Therefore, we do not automatically gather personally identifiable information (PII). Voluntary opt-in is required for PII collection, which is done through filling out contact forms, appointment widgets, or surveys on our web pages.

If you attempt to obtain assistance from us and provide fraudulent information, intentionally or unintentionally, leading to an act of fraud, or if your actions hint at attempted fraud, we reserve the right to share your details with legal entities. These may include police, investigators, courts, and/or legal professionals, as well as any other information sharing permissible by law.

Information usage, storage and confidentiality

We maintain the highest level of confidentiality for the Personally Identifiable Information and financial details you share with us. This applies to information provided through various mediums including written correspondence, email, phone conversations (including voicemails), applications, or any direct or indirect method.

We uphold a strict policy of not disclosing any information related to applicants or clients who apply or receive our services. This includes information that is confidential, legally restricted, or specifically limited by a signed consent form between the contractor and client. We refrain from distributing, exchanging, bartering, renting, selling, lending, or disseminating such information.

Limited right to use non-identifying personal information from
text messages, emails, letters, notes, reviews and other sources:

We claim exclusive ownership of any photos, stories, letters, biographies, correspondences, or thank-you notes sent to us by ASRWWA Restorations. We may utilize non-identifying details about our clients, i.e., individuals who receive services from or via us, for promotional activities aligned with our mission.

Please note that clients will not receive compensation for the usage of this information. Moreover, identifying details, such as photos, addresses, phone numbers, contact information, last names, or unique names, will not be used without explicit prior consent from the client.

If you wish to completely restrict the use of your information for promotional purposes, you must make a written request specifying these limitations. We respect your privacy rights and guarantee that no identifying details or photos you provide will be used publicly without your direct or indirect consent.

Cookies Information

Upon visiting our website, ASRWWA Restorations may place one or more cookies on your computer or mobile device. These small text files, containing unique alphanumeric characters, help identify your browser. Cookies enable us to enhance your site navigation and expedite the login process if you have an account with us.

Cookies also provide us with information about your website usage, such as clicked links and viewed pages, as well as other activities performed on our site. This allows us to track user interactions, leading to continual improvements for a smoother user experience over time.

Questions or concerns about ASRWWA's Policies?

Should you have any inquiries regarding our privacy policy, please reach out to us via email at Ensure to include "ASRWWA Restorations' Privacy Policy" in your email's subject line. Alternatively, you can contact us via phone at PHONE-NUMBER.